Aroma Stone

fragrance stone
Each carefully handcrafted in China, our aroma stone enables you to easily enjoy your favorite essential oil anywhere.  Its loving looks with your favorite fragrance will cheer you up and greatly alleviate stress.Small, light, portable size fits perfectly for work desk, bedside table, kitchen counter, or even your car. When you travel, take this aroma ceramic stone diffuser with you to use as travel diffuser. Our aroma stone requires no water, electricity, batteries, heat or burning without making any noise.Aroma stone suitable for small space, can be placed on any plane, beautiful and compact.Safe to be used for anywhere such as kids room, bed room, and others.Just make 5 - 6 drops of your favorite essential oil directly on top of aroma stone and that's it. Ceramic body will absorb essential oil and be fragrant.The desk diffuser does not need power or battery, and there is no noise. You can drop the aromatic essential oil on the flowers, and the diffusion stone absorbs the essential oil into the petals to slowly distribute the fragrance to the room.
aroma stonediffuser stone
aroma stone flower