December 30, 2019

Why is Hotel Aromatherapy Important to Our Hotel

What is Hotel Aromatherapy

Hotel aromatherapy is an all-round engineering project that functions and time control of aromatherapy in the lobby, elevator, corridor, guest room, dining room, meeting room and other space areas of the hotel, and connects the new air outlet of central air conditioner to the aromatherapy machine or through independent aromatherapy.

Why is Hotel Aromatherapy Important

Hotel Hall

Hotel aromatherapy is a modern fashion marketing mode combining olfactory system with high-end marketing. In ancient times, vendors of open-air markets used burning incense to attract passers-by to their stalls.

Many five-star hotels in foreign hotel management groups enhance customers’ in store experience by sending out a unique fragrance in the lobby. And this unique fragrance is integrated into the brand to establish another recognition besides visual recognition – olfactory recognition, so as to create a kind of memory imperceptibly, improve the comfort and happiness of customers, so that wherever customers go, wherever they smell this fragrance, they will remember the pleasant experience he once got in your hotel.

Olfactory Marketing is everywhere

If you travel a lot of countries, you will find that foreign olfactory marketing has covered all fields, including hotels, auto showrooms, CBD business centers, wineries, cinemas, banks, coffee shops, restaurants, office buildings and many other areas. Now that China has entered the era of rapid development, China has become a world market from a world factory, the future China is a big consumer. No matter whether your enterprise’s brand is in the process of establishment or mature, through the analysis and Research on the five senses of smell, vision, hearing, taste and touch of consumers, it will truly and comprehensively understand the thoughts, feelings, purchase motives, needs and aspirations of consumers, completely subvert the understanding of the enterprise’s way of thinking and behavior of consumers, and change the future of the enterprise.

This is the charm of hotel fragrance and olfactory marketing.

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