December 27, 2019

Why is Aroma Diffuser Important to Our Shop

Utilize space fragrance environment to influence consumers’ shopping environment is important to our marketing today. Aroma Diffuser is a good way to help us achieve that goal.

Fragrance changes people’s perception

The human sense of smell can discern a variety of fragrances. The fragrant aroma of the molecules of plant essence oil stimulates the brain through the olfactory system and affects mood, brain activity, memory, mind and behavior. With boosting, stimulating, balancing, soothing and relaxing effects. The fragrant fragrance also creates a pleasant fragrance marketing environment for you, allowing consumers to experience your unique corporate personality, remembering the pleasant consumption experience you gave them, and effectively enhancing the customer’s desire for re-consumption. Improving the image, grade and economic benefits of an enterprise is the silent logo of a brand.

Aroma diffuser is a good option

Today, with the rapid development of economy, there are numerous brands at home and abroad. The traditional management concept and the marketing mode of enterprises are greatly impacted and tested. How does your brand stand in the torrent of competition? How to stand out from the weak and stay strong?

For a long time, people have learned to use the senses of sight, taste, touch and sensation to stimulate the senses of consumers, so as to obtain better marketing results. Today, olfactory marketing has become our way of doing business. The first successful companies to use fragrance marketing are Nestle Coffee, Airlines, Coca-Cola, etc. They use fragrance to make the brand more three-dimensional and more distinctive. Their success has given us a great enlightenment: a successful brand must be packed with creativity and unique logos! Olfactory marketing is much faster than single Futong marketing! More successful!

True Scent is here to help

True Scent looks forward to creating a more perfect and successful brand image for you, a brand image with personality and characteristics, so that your business is full of charm and win business opportunities, wealth and reputation!

Different Location, different Scent

Hotel: Different styles of hotels and spaces, blending different characteristic aromas, highlighting the hotel’s cultural richness, is the identity of a hotel company. It also reflects the hotel’s customer-oriented business philosophy and thoughtful and perfect service spirit. No matter where they go, they will be nostalgic.

Hotel rooms: The elegant space is filled with the fragrance of the wilderness. It is as comfortable and timid as if you are in the nature.

Hotel corridor: The fresh fragrance wafts away your tiredness, refreshing spirit and lighter footsteps.

Hotel elevator entrance and exit: warm atmosphere, comfort, peace of mind, feel at home.

4S car shop: The scent of incentives is full of positive energy, stimulates the potential of customers, and completes transactions with confidence.

Shopping mall: linger in a relaxed and happy aroma. Fighting hard and consuming is no longer a burden, but a whole new enjoyment.

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