December 30, 2019

What is The Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall

What is The Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall

Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall – The aromatherapy system is to break up the essential oil through two fluid technology through the aromatherapy machine (diffuser, aromatherapy machine) and turn it into micron level aromatherapy molecules. Then, the essential oil molecules will be driven by the flow of natural air or air flow of air conditioner to float in the indoor environment. The whole set of system and technology has become the aromatherapy system. The main function is not only to decompose the peculiar smell of the space, but also to fill the space with the fragrance of natural plants, so as to enhance the experience effect of customers, improve the service level and brand competitiveness of KTV, cinema, hotel, etc., which is undoubtedly a soft power improvement for KTV, cinema and hotel! Generally speaking, a brand KTV, cinema, hotel or group of the same brand will use the same fragrance type in all the hotels or properties under them, forming specific memory symbols for customers, and increasing the return rate of consumers invisibly.
Now more and more companies and individual families will choose to buy aromatherapy machine, but the installation of aromatherapy system has become a stumbling block for companies to do aromatherapy. Here, I will explain the installation of the aromatherapy system. Last time, I explained the layout of the dispenser and the selection of essential oil. This time, I will take the installation of the central system as an example:

Step 1

Central Air Conditioning System Design

Step 1 of Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall

1. The first thing is to find the relevant person in charge of the company, check the relevant drawings of HVAC central air conditioning system design, and determine the layout and direction of coil. Determine the number of aromatherapy machines (expansion machines, aromatherapy machines).

Step 2

Step 2 of Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall

2. According to the fresh air system, determine the number and brand of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser and dispenser)

Solution Discussion

Step 3

Commercial Aromatherapy Solution

Step 3 of Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall

3. Go to the air conditioning room to find the coil to be constructed, punch it through, and then connect the atomizing pipe of the aromatherapy machine (the dispenser and the diffuser).

Step 4

Step 4 of Aromatherapy Solution for Shopping Mall

4. Determine the aromatherapy effect and adjust the concentration of the aromatherapy machine. (done).

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