December 23, 2019

What is Clay Diffuser

What is Clay Diffuser

The clay diffuser is also called the perfumed stone or the perfumed gypsum. It is a kind of incense tool, usually made of plaster, with water absorption. The perfume / essential oil can be adsorbed on it, and then the fragrance can be slowly dispersed.

As a professional incense tool, the aromatherapy stone has the advantages of safety, electricity saving, and is conducive to the gradual volatilization of essential oil. It can directly drop the essential oil on the stone surface without adding water. The expanding stone itself has no fragrance, it is only a tool to help volatilize the fragrance.

The perfume expanding stone is different from the ordinary products which use heating to promote the essential oil volatilization, so the flavor will not be so strong, but the time of emission will be longer. It is especially suitable for people who like light fragrance and enjoy aromatherapy slowly, because the amount of essential oil will be relatively saved without heating.

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How to use expanding stone

1. Before the first use, it is necessary to soak the expanding stone in clear water for 2-3 hours, and then take it out to dry in the shade.

2. For the perfumed stone dried in the shade, drop 1-10 drops of single or compound essential oil on any part. The amount of essential oil drops depends on the size of the expanding stone, such as chocolate, usually 1-2 drops is enough. For the expanding stone with large area or weight, more drops are needed. After the essential oil is dripped, the perfume expanding stone is left for half a minute. When the essential oil is fully permeated, it can be placed in the place it likes. If it has a rope, it can be hung.

3. After the fragrance of essential oil evaporates, it can be re dripped. When changing different essential oils, it is necessary to soak them again and dry them in the shade, and then remove the absorbed essential oils and flavors. This step can prevent the smell from stringing. If you put it in a place for a long time, there will be dust. Just wash it with water.

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