January 2, 2020

True Scent Room Fragrance Black Series

The Room Fragrance Black Series is a new series of products designed & manufactured by Guangzhou True Scent Art & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Where did the inspiration come from

Black is basically defined as that no visible light enters the visual range. On the contrary of white, white means that all light in the visible spectrum enters the visual range at the same time.

Room Fragrance Black Series 

It gives you a sense of mystery & nobility

If the pigment absorbs all visible light in the spectrum and does not reflect light of any color, the feeling of the human eye is black. If the pigment of three primary colors is mixed in proper proportion to minimize the reflected color light, the human eye will also feel black. So black can be caused by the lack of light (dark night), or by the absorption of all the color light (black pupil). On the level of cultural significance, black is the background of the universe, representing peace and the destination of everything.

Black performance characteristics: elegant and distinctive
People who like black show that they want to be different from others and deliberately keep a certain distance from the world to draw a clear line. But because it is too different from the surrounding bright colors, it reflects its characteristics.

The feeling of black is noble, silent, quiet and unpredictable. Symbolizes stability and seriousness.

Black indicates mystery and silence.

Black: represents the personality of self repression. Wearing a black female means that it needs male protection. It can bring a little dignity and a little mysterious sexiness to the nobility.

Reed Diffuser

Principle of Reed Diffuser: the finished product of aromatherapy solution diffuses into the air through certain carriers (such as cane, grass flower, cotton rope, etc.). Make the air filled with fragrance to improve the air and make the body and mind happy

Ceramic Diffuser

Ceramic Diffuser

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Oil Warmer

Oil Warmer

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Guangzhou True Scent Art & Crafts Co., Ltd

Your Home Fragrance Manufacturer from China

TRUE SCENT is a professional manufacturer for aromatherapy products with 10 years of experience in export. Our main products are reed diffuser, scented candle, oil burner, room spray, scented clay, car perfume, aroma diffuser etc. TRUE SCENT can provide you with one-stop purchasing service on aromatherapy product accessories, which can help you save time and reduce cost. TRUE SCENT can offer  you design and professional suggestions, which makes your products best-selling among market and consumers.

Our Factory

Our factory is located in the Guangzhou, China with an area of 5,000 m². Deeply rooted in the effective supply chain in the Pearl River Delta, we are able to quickly respond to the diverse needs of our customers across the world. Using advanced technologies and equipments, our product capability reaches 300,000 sets every month.


TRUE SCENT has a team of really talented designers. Their designs have achieved great reputation in the market.

Hongkong Global Sources Exhibitions

TRUE SCENT attended The Hongkong Global Sources Exhibitions. Our products won great popularity.

True Scent