Reed Diffuser

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reed diffuser set
These reed diffuser sets are safe to use anywhere and anytime: come spring, summer, or winter - enjoy the refreshing scent of the reed diffusers.We use only natural essential oils that help you relax. Choose between Lavender & Eucalyptus, Bergamot & Jasmine, Redcurrant & Vanilla, or Rose & Sandalwood.Our diffuser sets are as natural as they can be. Without any additional costs or harming the nature packaging.Classic, elegant, and understated, this reed diffuser is a beautiful addition to any space.Sunny citrus bergamot meets sweet, fruity and sensual jasmine in this essential oil reed diffuser set.  A refreshing aroma that brings you happiness and creates a peaceful ambience. It's a great fragrance to greet everybody, especially guests, with a calming and relaxing ambiance. Made with 100% pure essential oil, containing absolutely no base or fillers, this diffuser set is safe.