January 1, 2020

How to Use Scented Candle Correctly

How to Use Scented Candle Correctly

How to Use Scented Candle Correctly – People ask me that a lot.

When I was planting scented candle, my sister asked me: why can’t my candle burn a smooth and beautiful wax pool? In fact, I burned some really ugly candles until I learn from somebody else’s experience. I found that how to burn the scented candle was very particular. Let me share what I know about it!

How to Use Scented Candle Correctly

How to Use Scented Candle Correctly

1. The first burning is very important!

If you want the scented candle to burn well, when you burn it for the first time, you must wait for the surface candle to melt completely and form a flat wax pool before extinguishing it!

In an interview with popsugar, Tim Rossi of nest, an American fragrance brand, said that wax has memories. If you burn it for the first time and you don’t wait for a complete wax bath to burn it out, then every time you burn it out for the first time, you won’t burn it out, and a deep hole will form over time.

However, as long as the first time you burn out the complete wax pool, you can be willful later, because your candle has remembered where the burning edge is.

2. Trim the wick before each burning

TRUE SCENT suggested that the wick should be trimmed every time before lighting the candle, leaving a length of about 5mm.

If the wick is too long, the candle will burn fast. Trim it to make it last a long time. Moreover, if not pruned, it is easy to have black smoke, and the wall of candle cup is easy to be blackened.

But why is it recommended to trim before burning, rather than after each burn? If the candle doesn’t solidify completely when you trim the wick, it’s a tragedy if the accumulated carbon head at the top of the wick falls into the wax pool. Don’t ask me why I know so well? Saying too much is tears.

3. Let professional tools do professional things

When you enter the scented candle pit, you need to equip at least three professional tools: candle extinguisher, ignitor and candlestick cutter.

Candle killer

The common candle killers are candle killers and candle killers. But nest’s Tim Rossi doesn’t recommend you to choose the candle holder. The use of the candle holder is to press the wick into the candleholder to extinguish it, so that the carbon head at the top of the wick can easily fall into the candleholder.

In contrast, the candle clock is a more recommended choice by experts. People who have seen “Downton Abbey” don’t know if they have noticed that it is the candle bell that is used to extinguish the candle in the play.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on tools, IKEA’s Candlelight clock is a choice. It costs more than ten yuan.

For girls with a higher budget, you can consider diptyque’s candle clock, which costs 40 dollars on the official website.

I was planted with Michael Aram Butterfly Candle clock and the elk candle clock of vagabond house. It’s just like a work of art. It can be directly placed at home as a decoration. Of course, the price is very good.


It is necessary to prepare a special igniter for the scented candle, because once the candle is burned to the bottom, the lighter at home can’t reach the candle wick at all and can’t ignite, so you can only stare at the candle stem.

Of course, if you’re passionate enough to pursue a sense of ceremony, the fragrance match of cire trudon, a French classic fragrance brand, is also an excellent choice.

Candle wick scissors

Why do you need a professional Candlestick cutter? If the candle cup is thinner and narrower, especially when the candle has been burned deep, the daily scissors cannot reach into the candle cup, and the slender candle core scissors can easily trim the candle core.

What’s more, if you use ordinary scissors to trim the wick, it’s easy for the chopped wick to fall into the candle cup. If you use the round headed wick cutter, the chopped wick will fall steadily on the round head and will not fall into the candle cup to pollute the candle.

4. Straighten the candle core after each burning

Girls who have burned the scented candle may have found that if the wick is bent to one side, the candle on the other side will burn faster, and the candle on the other side will burn later, causing the candle to burn unevenly.

Therefore, it is suggested that girls straighten the wick before the candle melts completely after each burning to ensure it is in the center of the wax pool.

5. No more than 3 hours per combustion

It is recommended that the scented candle burn no longer than three hours at a time. After more than 3 hours, the wax oil will burn by itself, which will affect the fragrance diffusion of the candle. At the same time, it will also cause overheating of candle cup, mushroom head, black smoke and other problems.

6. Cover when not burning

When it is not using, it’s best to cover it with a lid. If left open, it is not only easy to fall ash, but also easy to lose the fragrance. After a while, the candle will not smell. But many brands of candle lids need to be bought separately, such as the white company.

If you don’t want to spend money on the lid, you can also keep the candle box. When you don’t use the candle, you can put it back in the box and store it in a cool and dry cabinet.

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